My site has 30k canonical tag errors in google search console and all of them are like the below examples of AMP pages. Should I ignore them? Does it have a negative effe...


Some of my competitors rank for a keyword despite having low quality content. Is it because they have a lot of backlinks? Or topic authority?


What if anyone posts AI-written articles? Is it help in traffic and ranking? If no then please explain, how? Thanks in advance.


My competitor studiobrave.com.au is ranking for keywords without have any sort of relevant content on the website. How is this possible? I have checked through tools like...


Hi, I have a post. I use siteliner to check internal duplicate contents and find for this post, all the duplicate contents are the common items: Top menu items. Left pan...


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My site url is like "https:// www., example.com /ca". I have added the sitemap and robots.txt file manually to my site. When I check manually, the sitemap and t...


Due to terms of use violation, your account has been suspended by Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin. whenever i go to social bookmarking and revisite site than i receive this erro...


BING penalty

by @jaap (1471), 2 months ago

A client website has a Bing penalty. However I suppose he has. There's no notification in his webmaster tools. But no page is found anymore, only his business profile. Sp...


Hi, I have a number of Category and Category Pages (i.e. cat/page/1, cat/page/2 etc...) being "crawled but not Indexed" by Google. I have no issue with Google...