Duplicate content affected 2 websites - trying to rectify

by @me2servic3s (206), 3 weeks ago

Hey everyone.

I have 2 websites both related to the same niche.

Whenever I posted a blog post about something, I would carefully paraphrase the same content and post it on the other website but used the same images.

It came to my attention that after a while, google only indexed one of my websites for each post/subject.

When I read and researched about it, I concluded that "duplicate content" is the reason due to the fact that I have used same images on both websites.

Now, to rectify that:

I want to recreate the same content again, completely different articles with genuine images for each website.

When I do that, what should I do with old posts? can I redirect 301 each post of a website to it's new version?

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by @binayjha (4974), 3 weeks ago

Yes, you can permanently redirect the old articles to the new ones.

by @me2servic3s (206), 3 weeks ago

Thank you

So if I use 301 redirect of the old post which is not indexed on search engine to an entirely new post of the same subject on a website, does the old post not bring negative effect to the new one?

I mean it was not indexed for a reason. If I create a new unique post, redirecting the old post which is not indexed wont be bad?

by @binayjha (4974), 3 weeks ago

No, it won't be bad as you are thinking.

by @me2servic3s (206), 3 weeks ago

Ok thank you.

by @kidscastle (75), 2 weeks ago

Duplicate content issues can significantly impact SEO rankings and user experience on websites. To rectify this, ensure each page has unique and valuable content, using canonical tags to specify preferred versions, and employing 301 redirects for duplicate URLs. Regularly monitor with tools like Google Search Console and implement best practices to prevent duplication, like consistent URL structures and internal linking strategies. This approach helps maintain search engine trust and improves overall site performance.

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