Content Duplication and Location Targeting

by @brokeralvin (16), 3 weeks ago

I have separate service pages for Melbourne and Brisbane with unique content, but the services are the same. Can Google penalize me for this duplicate content, even though the content is targeted to different locations?

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by @ms (3987), 3 weeks ago

As long as the content is unique, it should be perfectly fine.

by @rukhsarbajwa (105), 3 weeks ago

Google won't penalize you if your Melbourne and Brisbane service pages have unique content tailored to each location. ensure that you have local and unique keywords according to your content and making some difference between both service pages

by @tvasteconstructions (175), 3 weeks ago

Content duplication and geotargeting is the creation of content specific to different geographical locations to avoid content duplication issues. Each page should include localized keywords, information, and offers tailored to a specific region. This strategy improves search engine rankings, ensures relevance to local audiences, and improves user experience and engagement.

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