Improve your Google ranking by optimizing your site with relevant keywords, high-quality content, and obtaining backlinks from reputable sources. Additionally, ensure you...


Duplicate content issues can significantly impact SEO rankings and user experience on websites. To rectify this, ensure each page has unique and valuable content, using c...


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The web page might be crawled before you applied no index property in robots.txt file. You can simply remove the crawled URL from Google's cache using the GSC and then it...

Make sure your WordPress site settings allow search engine crawling. Check your robots.txt file to see if you're blocking Google. Please check your sitemap URL in Google...


It will not. The page would have to be utter garbage to make such a great effect on the site. As long as we are talking about yet another page/category, it's all fine. Do...


Welp, their code doesn't work either. Love it even more. Great site.


Woah.. That message got messed up. Of course you can't edit your post on here lol. Love it. Anyways, here is the code I was trying to provide you: