The removal request not being deleted

by @lagzianmobin (119), 1 month ago

In my WordPress site's Search Console, there is a removal request of the type "Temporarily remove URL" that has been submitted with the domain start and is preventing my entire site from appearing on Google. I don't know if this request was submitted automatically or by one of my admins. However, when I try to delete this request, I encounter the following error: "Oops. Something went wrong. Wait a bit and try again." I waited a few days and tried to delete the request again, but I still got the same error. How can I resolve this issue? My site not appearing on Google has already caused me significant harm.

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by @ms (4032), 1 month ago

Does the "submitted with the ddomain start" mean that you have submitted it with just the domain itself? like

by @lagzianmobin (119), 4 weeks ago

yes. the request blocks all pages with domain. like*

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