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by @sherineto (234), 10 months ago

Hey guys, how are you? How can we fix a 5xx server error? There are over 20,000 links on my website that have a 5xx server error. Most of these links are automatically created and I did not create them. Each link has a different number, such as . Hyper text ml

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by @binayjha (5059), 10 months ago

You should contact your server provider to fix the issue. For search engines, you can use robots.txt file to prevent crawling such pages.

by @lparrish594 (110), 9 months ago

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5xx errors could be due to website cookies. Clear them and refresh your browser to troubleshoot. If it isn't functioning as expected, please reach out to your server support team for assistance.

by @Bigbird230 (120), 8 months ago

To fix 5xx server errors, identify the issue in server logs, update software, check for resource overload, review automatic link generation, and ensure your CMS and plugins are up to date.

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