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by @vikashwebplur (127), 1 year ago

Can I submit the same article on 50 different -different article submission websites? If yes then my article crawled at one site so it's a waste of time for me. if no ? then how much can submit the same article on a different website in a day and how much wait for crawled? if not crawled after some time can again submit it on a different website?

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by @binayjha (4974), 1 year ago

Yes, same article can be published at different websites. Hope this activity is to win backlinks and not to rank that article on another website in Google or so search engines. The spiders will crawl all such pages and value the backlinks to your site with the link juice of linking website.

If a submitted website is not crawled or cached then the webpage link can be bookmarked on various bookmarking sites. It works.

by @Djohnavid021 (98), 1 year ago

You've decided to write an article and submit it to multiple directories. The problem is, these sites will reject your submission if it has plagiarized content. To avoid this, make sure your articles have original content, are comprehensible, and don't keyword stuff. Listed below are some tips that will help you make the most of your article submissions. They also guarantee better exposure on the web.

The body of your article should be about 400 to 600 words. It should be informative and interesting. The body should be broken down into a few paragraphs, each with a topic sentence. Use keywords throughout the article to boost its SEO. Keywords help search engine optimization (SEO) and will drive traffic from the search engines. Make sure to use relevant keywords in the title and body of your articles. After you have written an article, submit it to several directories and blogs that feature your topic.While it is essential to use keywords in your articles, you need to make sure that you don't obstruct the flow of meaning. Don't use keyword phrases that will be difficult to read and won't bring you much traffic. Most search engines and ad promotion sites provide listings of top-rated keywords. Make sure you pick keywords that are relevant to your website and offer high-volume traffic. There are many articles available online that are written about topics relevant to your business.

by @binayjha (4974), 1 year ago

I am partially agree with @Djohnavid021. Besides the options you mentioned, there are many other options where content can be re-published. For example,,,,,, ...and so on.

by @anticidedretard (105), 1 year ago

wow thats some new info thnaks


Yes, submitting articles is one of the best ways of link-building. However, posting the same article in all the forums is not always a good idea. Duplicate content can affect your ranking. Try to create a unique article for guest-posting to get a better result. And to get the best high-ranking sites for guest posting, you can use a tool called Postifluence. It will help in finding credible sites and outreach them.

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