How to increase ranking on my website.

I have been tasked with increasing the ranking of our custom website. We have been doing our research trying to figure out what is the best way and found SEO is one that all use but it can take a lot to get the result. So my question is there a way to get a faster result using the SEO technique.

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by @sam12 (131), 3 years ago

Contact Google CEO, he is the right person to answer your query. I guess.

by @ms (3987), 3 years ago

Unless you give us details on what EXACTLY your goal is, which keywords do you target, who you compete with, there is no way for us to help.

What is best way to do seo is not an answerable question. Do your research and try to ask "smaller" questions at a time. It is so broad, that even set of books won't answer all it takes to get it done perfectly.

by @AronYakov (45), 2 years ago

If you want better results of SEO - upload more content on your website or on third party websites, Do guest posting and press release, PPT submission on High DA sites. But before that you should do on-page optimization properly. Also there is one blog from where you can get the much information. Here is the link...

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