How to do Guest Post Backlinks for Targeting Money Pages of Business Website?

by @nazoorseo (126), 1 month ago

@binayjha Hey mate, can you tell me how you're managing to get guest post backlinks after this core update? Before the Google update, we used to build backlinks on free guest post sites. However, now I think we shouldn't rely on free guest post sites anymore. What should we do now? Is paid guest posting the only option available?

If yes, and if paid is the only remaining option, then which option should we choose to obtain paid links? Should we conduct outreach on our own, or should we contact resellers to get niche-relevant sites?

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by @nazoorseo (126), 1 month ago

Guide me the best ways to get guest post backlinks that links are geniune and imporve the rankings...

To create guest post backlinks targeting money pages:

  1. Identify reputable websites in your niche that accept guest posts.
  2. Craft high-quality content relevant to your money pages and pitch it to these websites.
  3. Include a strategically placed backlink within the guest post directing readers to your money page for optimal conversion.
by @nazoorseo (126), 1 month ago Thank you for your guideness.

When I reach out to my niche-relevant sites, will they accept my content for a guest post without charging any fees? The majority of sites seem to only accept paid posts, so does that mean the only option for obtaining a backlink is through payment?

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