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What is SEO And How Does It Work?

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by @binayjha (5059), 1 year ago

The process of making a web page or a website search engine friendly is called search engine optimization or simply SEO. A website is optimized by following the guidelines issued for webmasters by search engines. This enables search engine spiders to crawl the websites easily and rank them appropriately in search engine result pages. The ranking depends on the importance of a website for searched key words. Search engines have their own algorithm to determine which website is the most important for a specific key phrase.

There are more than 200 parameters and combinations of them which decide the ranking in SERP. This makes the algorithm look complex. However, practically it is not as such if practiced step-by-step.

SEO has two types:

  • On-page SEO and
  • Off-page SEO Unlike on-page SEO in which professionals work on the web pages of the website to make it search engine friendly, off-page SEO is practiced beyond the website. It will be unfair if we talk about SEO and we do not mention backlinks. Which falls under off-page SEO. Link building is the backbone of SEO. It must be strategic to make SEO efforts work for desired search results. You can consult SEO page here too for more.

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by @Gamerseo (1330), 1 year ago

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by @Vkmorris (135), 1 year ago

SEO is the process of optimizing websites to increase visibility in search engines and organic traffic. It works by optimizing content, keywords, and other elements.

by @himaxi25 (105), 1 year ago

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of improving your website to get quality and quantitative traffic. SEO helps in ranking your website on search engine on better position. By Proper execution of SEO for your website, You can reach to your target customer easily. In today's Competitive world, just offering quality product or service is not enough. SEO is a process of making people aware of your product and services. It will help you to create your own brand. There are two way of SEO 1)On-page SEO 2)Off-Page SEO Get professional guidance for better result. Thank You.

by @wilkinson (125), 1 year ago

Search engine optimization is an essential aspect of online marketing, and protecting your site's SEO can help ensure that your website remains visible and accessible to users. Here are some precautions to protect SEO: regularly update your website's content, build high-quality backlinks , use unique and relevant meta titles and descriptions, monitor your website's analytics.

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