Facing Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Issue

by (144), 7 months ago

Hello SEO Community,

I am facing an issue related to indexing but let me give you a brief history of the website. The website is 2 years old and has little to no content with only 8-10 service pages but those pages were never indexed. The error GSC shows is discovered - currently not indexed which Google itself claims is not an error. But after waiting for a couple of months the error is still the same. During this time I have tried the following solutions:

  • Checking duplicated content and content pruning
  • Improving content quality and making it helpful for the users
  • Creating topic clusters around the main topic to build topical authority
  • Improved the internal linking structure
  • Submitted the sitemap.xml file
  • Manually requested indexing in GSC
  • Checked for any canonical tags or 301 redirects-related issues
  • Created some relevant backlinks to build some authority
  • Checked the crawl budget spending through log file analysis
  • Removed the old URL + created a new permalink structure

Note: We are publishing one blog almost every day and it's getting indexed within 24 hours. Please suggest me some way so I can get my service pages indexed; thank you

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by @binayjha (4999), 7 months ago

Two things,

  • Provide internal links from your blog posts.
  • Win some traffic for those pages in whatsoever way you can.

These will speed up the indexing process.
by (144), 7 months ago
  • Yeah I have already optimized the internal linking structure around the main services page
  • Can you please share some ways to generate traffic? As I have already built some backlinks but it didn't work, thank you
by @binayjha (4999), 7 months ago

Example step to win some traffic is, run an ad on a social media platform or Google itself.

by @lucadylan (190), 7 months ago

Given the efforts you've already made, consider focusing on the following steps to improve the indexing of your service pages. First, ensure that the service pages have unique, valuable content. Next, double-check the robots.txt file to confirm there are no restrictions on crawling these pages. Additionally, review the server logs to identify any anomalies during Googlebot's visits. Experiment with adjusting the crawl rate settings in Google Search Console to potentially influence indexing frequency. Lastly, continue promoting the service pages through social media and other channels to increase visibility. If the issue persists, reaching out to Google's support or webmaster forums for more specific assistance could be beneficial.
by (144), 7 months ago

Appreciate your valuable suggestions @lucadylan.

This is to update you that I have already implemented above mentioned suggestions and currently, I am working on spreading the page on social media. I would love to have more valuable suggestions from your side; thank you

by @lucadylan (190), 6 months ago

1 more trick for the Indexing issues the URL that is not Indexed make an internal link on the URL that is Indexed in this way Google indexes your URL.
by (144), 6 months ago

Yeah, already tried this fix and even put it in the footer to create a site-wide signal but still, the page is un-indexed!

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