Can I add internal link from cornerstone page to other pages?

by @dnchcw (315), 8 months ago


Based on Yoast, one should add internal links from other pages to the cornerstone page.

Then is it OK to add internal links from the cornerstone page to others? Will it lose the importance due to add such links.

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by @jaap (1667), 8 months ago

If the link is relevant and it's helpful for your visitors, just do it. Internal linking is a great way to enlarge your visitors dwell time. A lot of SEOs believe that Google does use dwell time as a ranking factor. It shows that your content is relevant to the search query. So it might give you, in time, a better result in the SERP.

by @dnchcw (315), 8 months ago

Thank you very much.

by @dnchcw (315), 8 months ago

In such a case, how to let Google know the original post is the cornerstone, while the other post that is linked to is NOT? Using nofollow or other attributes?

by @SammpradaCancerCare (150), 7 months ago

Yes, adding internal links from a cornerstone page to other relevant pages within your website helps in interlinking and strengthening the site's structure, enhancing user experience and SEO.

by @Zinavopvtltd (215), 7 months ago

Absolutely, internal linking from a cornerstone page to other relevant pages on your website is beneficial. It improves navigation, and user experience, and strengthens the overall structure, boosting SEO and content coherence.


Incorporating internal links from the cornerstone page to others is not only allowed but also advisable. This practice strengthens your site's internal linking structure, improving the chance of your cornerstone content ranking higher in Google searches.

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