Aug 23, 2019

SEO - The Answer To The Problem of Business Rankings

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Are you having difficulties or problems with your business to get rank for its products and services? Do you want a return beneficial long-term results that attract quality traffic, have high ROI returns, solidifies credibility and improves user experience? The answer to your problem is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is the process of refining and optimizing the visibility of your website or a web page strategically and consistently to rank number one on a search engine results page.

We’re in the digital age where every decision is driven by online activity and your business needs to be at the forefront where these important developments take place. Your competitors are there, so why wait?

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Aug 15, 2019

My Local SEO - Step by Step Checklist Guide 2019

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My Local SEO - Step by Step Checklist Guide 2019

Step1 - Local Listing Set-Up
Set Up Local Profile ASAP -Google My Business -Bing Local
-Yahoo Local

Step2 - Your Listing Optimized
-Business Name
-Photos & Videos
-Contact Info
-Hours of Business

Step3 - Getting Regular Client REVIEWS every month -Check Competition -Start with Best Customers -Start Asking for Reviews - Google, Yahoo, Bing, TrustPilot

Step4 - Adding Regular Name, Address & Phone (NAP)Citation
-Start with the Important NAP Sites -Which Country you based In? -Add New NAP Citations Every Month

Step5 - Listed in Industrial Directories Search for Industry Specific Directories
-Check where competitors Listed > Get Listed There

Step6 - Must-Have Separate Page in Every Product/Services Offer
-List Every Product / Services you offer
-Create a Unique page for every product or services

Step7 - Do you have Long Form Pages - min. 500 words?
-Check Hard Drive for Content. You can used, eg: Presentation, Proposals, FAQs, Email Outbox.

Step8 - Optimized every page of you website
-Identify Target Keyword for every page
-Create UNIQUE Metatags (Title, description) for EVERY Page
-Crete Keyword Rich URL's for EVERY Product or Services Page
-Add Keywords to Headings H1,H2,H3
-Add keywords to text +/- 2 to 3%
-Link to other pages from within the text
-Optimize Images

Step9 - Do You Have Many External Website Linking to Your Website? Go for Quick Wins eg:
-Give Testimonials to Local Suppliers -LinkBack from Social Media profiles eg: Twitter, Facebook, & Linkedin -Paid Authority Directories, eg.

Step10 - Have you Completed All Optimization Task? -Google Analytics -Google Search Console -XML Sitemap & Robots.txt

Step11 - Does Your Website Load Faster Than Your Competitors? -Run speed test -Switch to SSD Hosting

Step12 - Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? -Check Mobile-Friendly Test -Set Up Mobile Site or Switch to Responsive Design

Step13 - Is Your Website Safe and Secure? -Switch to SSL -Set Up an Anti-Malware Site Seal

Step14 - Do You Have a Blog Set-Up -Set Up Wordpress Blog -Check Competitors Blogs for Ideas -Identify Leading Blogs in your Niche -Create a Schedule of 10-15 Blog Posts Based on Your FAQs

Step15 - Do You Know What to Blog About -Target Market? Individuals or Businesses?

*Businesses (Choose from the Following) - Newsletter, How To Guides, Buyers Guide, List Based Content e,g 21 Ways to ..., Best Practices Guides, Product Reviews, Best of List, Ways to Use List, Screen Capture Videos, Predictions/Old vs New Content, Infographics, Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ), Common Mistakes with Content, Case Studies, Checklist Content

*Individuals    (Choose from the Following) - Newsletter, How To Guides, Local Interest, List Based Content e,g 21 Ways To..., Seasonal /Holiday/Guides/What's On/Upcoming Events, Best of List, Ways To Use List, Product Videos, Predictions/Old vs News Content/ Latest Fashion Trends, Checklist Content

Step16 - Is Your Content Optimized for SEO & Sharing? -Attention Grabbing Headline -Identify Target Keywords -Include Keywords in Meta Tags -Keyword in Title and Headings -Keyword in URL -Optimize Images -Add related Keywords in Text -Link Internally to Other Posts -Link Externally to Authority Content -Add Social Sharing Buttons -Check Mobile Ready -Check Load Speed

Step17 - Do You Use Video Extensively Throughout Your Website *Set Up Youtube Channel > Are you Happy to appear on Video? If Yes, Choose from the following -Whiteboard Presentation -Product or Services Description -HeadShot/Interview Style -Talking FAQ/Hints & Tips
If No, Choose from the following -Before & After Examples -Talking Slides
-Screen Capture

*Have You Optimised Your Videos for SEO? If Yes Next Topic  
    IF NO, Do the Following for All Videos

-Choose Keywords for All Videos -Add Keyword Rich Title & Metatags in youtube -Transcribe Video & Create a Blog Post with Video Embed -Optimize Blog Post (Title, MetaTags, Headings,etc) IF YES, Does Your Website Create Trust?
Yes, Relax and Have Coffee
Not Sure > Professional Accreditations, Supplier Logos, Guarantees - All of these clearly Displayed on All Pages,.
If this might help in your Local Business and you have a site to try SEO audit, then give me feedback or you may message me at so that I can try my checklist Local SEO Site Audit. Cheers!!!

Aug 9, 2019

My Checklist for Detailed Site Audit

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Why are sites audit critical at the beginning of your SEO Project? They Help you set attainable goals. Help you manage the available resources effectively. You'll get an overview of critical issues. You'll get a list of quick wins. Its easier to communicate with clients​

Step 1 - Review website usability - See website as an Average User

  • Is the website easy to use
  • Is the font size easy to read
  • Is navigation identifiable
  • Are styles and colors consistent
  • Are there any obtrusive ads and pop-ups

Step 2 - Suggest Strategic Objectives

  • Can you guess what customers want? Focus on specific at attainable goals
  • Increase site search visibility by around 50% within the next 6 month
  • Grow sites lead volume from organic search by 20% within the next 12months
  • Increase the number of link building domain by 40% within the next 3 months

Step 3 - Analyze Research Keywords

  • Audit the existing keyword list
  • Build a Keyword list from scratch
  • Find a primary keyword Target
  • Asses search intent
  • Look out related queries on your topic
  • Find relevant keywords and subtopics for your post
  • Asses you chances of ranking in Google

Step 4 - Analyze competitors

  • Identify competitors
  • Check their Keywords
  • Check the Domain Strength
  • Check the on-page optimization rate
  • Audit the Site structure
  • Review the top-ranking content / Analyze competitors backlinks Check Link Intersections = quick wins
  • Check other online marketing activities

Step 5 - Basic Setup

  • Create A Sitemap
  • Check for a robots.txt file
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Yoast SEO Plugin

Step 6 - Audit site for technical issues And Top Landing Pages

  • Check Critical Issues First (Robos.txt, page blocked from indexing, pages with redirects, 4xx/5xx status codes)
  • Check Other Warning and Issues
  • Check Sitewide Onpage Issues
  • Check Site Speed & Responsiveness
  • Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly Fix external and Internal Broken Links

Step 7 - Audit Site Client Backlink

  • Check Link Authority
  • Check link relevance
  • Check Link Velocity
  • Check Link Targeting
  • Check Link diversity
  • Analyze link anchor Text

Step 8 - Sum up top actions items

  • Top indexing/crawlability items
  • Top Keywords
  • Top Content action item

If you find valuable information above, And you have site want to try audit, then give me feedback or you may message me at so that I can try my checklist SEO Site Audit. Cheers!!!

I'm Robert Garcia! Newbies here

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Welcome Robert, I am looking forward with your share or ideas about seo

Aug 2, 2019

Can you people help me find the sites where I can submit my blogs?

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I think you should submit it in Blog Submission site you can google it, If you have really great content write up I may advice you should create web 2.0 properties and backlink to your money site. Example Blogspot and wordpress

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