Bounce Rate

by @chau (110), 2 months ago

Hey guys! How are you doing? So i'm having trouble with the e-commerce of a client in the agency, the problem is his bounce rate went from 40% to 60% in may 31 and it's...


Google is looking to make changes in the 30 years old robots.txt to accommodate mainly AI/ML. Here are the details:


I've been doing SEO on my website for long time but rankings are not improving even my newly created blogs won't even show up in ranking i have done everything creating b...


John Mueller has shared the news of the month across the Google search.


Example: I catagorized all my products colors with a product tag in WordPress/Woocommerce. The website contains 100 products (let's say it's Shorts) in 7 different colors...


In terms of SEO, product category descriptions on a WordPress site should only be on the first page or repeated on all pages?

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I have own website and blog content. Can i share those same blog content on Medium, substack and tumblr website? It will affect my website?


I removed my website from Google indexing due to some issues. after clearing issues, it is requested indexing many times but still not indexing. What can I do now?


I have roughly 40 new pages where GSC indicates the pages have been successfully indexed, but they don't show up in the site: report and they also are not being ranked. S...


Hey! I got an affiliate site in the outdoor niche. I'm now publishing content about Tents. Until now I have published about: Best tents for 1 person Best tents for 2 per...